Tuesday, January 12, 2010

food is not your entertainment

So my boyfriend and i went shopping yesterday. we spent 115$ for food. it has to last a month so that means no fresh fruits or vegetables. I tried to make better choices. we didn't go down the snack isle,baking, or pop. he even picked out great things while i was in the restroom.

I'm on this egg kick right now and i'm very surprised that its not hurting me. the last time i tried to eat eggs they made me sick. so there quick, easy and taste good. I'm trying to cut down on my use of salt, and other tasty toppings/dips. i'm also trying not to drink as many sugary drinks.

I really had to fight the urge to pig out when i was feeling upset yesterday. it was hard but i got thought it. because i shouldn't be eating to stuff down my feelings .

as for exercise i haven't been doing much of that at all. i've taken my dog for longer walks. and did yoga with toby one day. I really need to get into this or toby will win. i would love it if i had someone to work out with, but toby doesnt want anyone around when he is exercising.

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