Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a little down

I got a lot of WIP's out of the way. but now i've started more. i dont have as many going as i used to . which is a little bit of an improvement right
I got an order by email. Two fat bottom bags, and a pair of long fingerless glove. she hasn't replied back with the shade of blue that she wants so i can't start work on that yet.

i have a beret in the works. a barbie dress, but i've only done 2 row out of 100 so that can be put on hold. i'm finishing up a pair of short fingerless gloves. i should have those done if i give my self two hours or so to work on them.

i've been getting really into working with tape and making bags. i did a fused plastic bag which im very proud of. i've made a few other things with tape. mostly because i'm a little afraid of putting so much time and effort into sewing with my machine and it turning out bad like the skirt. but the skirt was my own fault with not mesuring right and then adding more fabric.

i was in Jo-anns today and sewing classes cost 40$ which i guess isn't as bad as i thought it would be. but i don't know i dont want to be the slow on in a class or the one that just doesnt get something. which is also why i still haven't learned to swim yet, and the fact that i freak out when water get in my ears.
I think i have my swap partners box all ready to ship. But just like every time i do a swap i feel like my box just wont measure up to all the others. even though were only supposed to spend 20$ i think that people spend more. but i just need to relize that everyone is great at different things. and maybe my swap partner wont be upset that shes not getting wool, bamboo or silk.
I still need to get around to typing up the letter i wrote or just rewriting it so that she can read it. because much like a blog when i start writing it only makes sense to me.
Toby was supposed to have his name change hearing today . but i guess the newpaper that he puplished the date to is to new. so the courts wouldn't take it. now he is going to have to wait another month or more.
but he did get his name changed at work and told alot of people to start calling him Tobias and use male pronouns. so yay for him.

i've kinda been in a rut about my hair. i've been in whats called a hair challenge.you keep your hair in protected hair styles for months at a time. and its to make and keep your hair healthy. but i got so bored that i was almost about to straighten my hair with a flat iron. but then i said hmm lets see what the curls are looking like i haven't had my hair loose for a while.

I took out the twist washed my hair. and fell in love with my afro again. I went out and brought some new products for curly hair. totally twisted shampoo and condtioner, and mousse. my hair looks amazing im just loving it. i dont want flat lifeless hair. i mean people with straight hair have to use products just to make their hair as full as mines. love what you got i guess.

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