Friday, September 4, 2009

we bag it

"We wrap it, and then we bag it
In a tight little package and there you have it
Or else we sack it, do you wanna sack it?
All right, lets sack it"

i've be busy making bags/ purse as gifts for winter time gift giving day. i also sent you my swap package which my swap partner loved

ravelry post

you like i was very bored at the time. i think it has to be my most random swap package. my boyfriend was getting upset that i was putting so much time in to the box. so i had to stop. oh it could have got bigger.


here comes the project/ crafts that i made since my last post. i'll just put some of them in links so i dont make this any longer then it has to be

paper necklaces



yellow gloves back
white gloves

i made these for a personal order. but once i finished them she didn't have the money. but im going to keep them for her until she says she doesnt want them.

the inside

gloves with purse



im working on bracelet bags, a couple of very large granny square bag .knitting a hat . sewing a purse for my mom. and i have to make something for a personal swap to get more caution tape.

toby and I anniversary is coming up 9-11-2004 its wooden. im going to find something for him online so im not sure if it will be her in time im going to order it tommorow

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