Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'd build myself up, And fly around in circles,

yesterday Toby and I went riding for two hours. We didnt have as much energy as the other day.

we went from Gallup to Fuller then to Island parkI would say about 8-10 miles

then we sat on a bench and watch the sun set for about ten minutes.an it hurt our eyes so we left. There were people feeding the animal, which is against park rules. When ducks atack

we also played one playground, i got a nasty bruise on my leg from riding the bird, its like one of those horse things with a spring. Toby says that it owned me.


we Took Rosco, so no bikes. He got a little lost and we found a park that we didnt expect County Farm Park we took one of the many trail (that all lead to the same place. Ours was about 1.4 miles. Then we got to this cute little area. a community garden. there were tons of little gardens or boxes that you could rent. I'm guessing its for those of us with out yards. I want a box so bad, not a whole garden, thats to much. The Play area was in the shape of a barn with little metel farm animals. so cute.

Then i saw a building I wanted to get a park map. So I left Toby and Rosco behind. I ended up at the rec center. member ships are 200$ a year. you get a (indoor) pool, sport areas, tracks, three different kinds of gyms, but fitness classes are extra. I was so pumped about the rec center. But once i got back to Toby he was pissed. He said that i didnt tell him that i was going (i did, I just didnt say that i was going that far,or inside). Then i wanted to eat a sandwhich, and he says. "Why do you keep eatting where here to walk the trails and play. I felt so bad about my self at that moment , but i couldnt stop eatting. And i just started crying. so he felt bad, an started talking about how i stuck with the exercise for so long, bla bla bla. But all i wanted to do was go home . An as where driving we find the park that we where looking for.

Buhr park , All I wanted to do was play tennis since that morning, he wanted to play baseball. We played tennis, because he thought that it would make me feel better. Neighter one of us knows how to play the game. We ran around like crazy for five minutes. then a nice older man (late 40's) called us over. And he tried to teach us how to play.it was a lot of fun. He was overly patiant with us. I think he just thought that i was hot and wanted us to stick around for that reason.
We must haved played for what seemed like a hour before we had to pick up the kid. my arm is still shaking from playing. Now we know how to play a little better then we did this morning.

park count 8 of 147
county farm

cute pictures in my fotki

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