Friday, April 18, 2008

You remind me of a few of my famous friends

"I'm not complaining that it's raining, I'm just saying that I'd like it a lot More than you think, if the sun would come out and sing with me" I Have Friends In Holy Spaces- Panic at the Disco

Man if i would've writting this blog a few hours ago , it would have been a lot more fun. But here it goes .

Toby and I set off on a bike trip to find parks. I almost got hit by a car crossing the street too slow for someone. I really wish i had a mile tracker on my bike (i refunded it for gas money). We went down so many bike trails, natural trail, pathways. We found a few parks along the way.

I also relized that im not good at going uphill . I had to walk my bike up hills, while toby and old women were passing me.

Toby and I rode for like three hours. I'm sure we did about 10-15 miles today. An we hurt so much now. It was so much fun. but then we had to go get the kid from school so we had to go home. I'm hope that one day we can ride the whole 35 mile B2B trail

here's a list of all the parks we went today

Gallup Park
Forest Nature Area
Sugarbush Park

so that makes 4 of 147 parks

and some really cool pictures/


tru2me said...

I love that you are visiting parks! It must be fun!

Reflection said...

I'm so feeling you on the weather!! All its been doing here is snowing, raining and having glooming cloudy days. It's April! But enjoy your time visiting the park.

that1girl said...

sometimes it snows in april..., love that song.

thanks for the comments

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