Thursday, February 28, 2008

9 weeks

Elliptical 15 minutes
Bench Press with Barbell
Dumbbell Flys
Dumbbell Hammer Curls
Forward Lunges with Dumbbells
Lateral Lunges

breakfast~ 2 packs of oatmeal
snack~ nutri-grain bar, reese
Lunch~ 1 whole can Minestrone, and one whole sleeve of kebbler club crackers
snack~more crackers,kisses,sixlets
dinner~ veggie dog, carrots, corn on the cob


I love to help out people that have less then us but there comes a point when you need to stop. Toby has spent at least 200 on Tricia and her children. Some of the money we get back but dang. Ok the baby grow out of his clothes, and she is house bound (she has the same fear of drive that i have and but nobody to drive her around). It was ok to buy him a few clearance items, but buying the jealous sister a new outfit that cost more then ten outfits for the baby. But yet I get bitched out if i buy yarn, or a new tee shirt.

Club crackers are addictive. I just couldn't stop i had to give away the rest of the box.


Reflection said...

Hooray, you've reached the 9 week mark!!! Since babies out grow their clothes so fast, have you all thought about gettting them from a flee market, thrift shop or salvation army. They are low in cost. I agree sometime you've to cut people off. We have to let them fly.
However, I'm sure you all blessing will come back to the both of you.

sweetnes said...

True that! One of my friends who has a baby frequents these mommy boards and sells/gives/trades stuff her son has outgrown with other mommies.

Sounds like you had a kick booty workout today ;) I feel you on bf issues; sometimes it can be so hard for them to see our perspective.

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