Wednesday, February 27, 2008

chaning it up

Exercise: nothing

breakfast~ cereal, apple
lunch~ chocolate chip muffin
snack~orange,nutri-grain bar, mini Reese cups
dinner~ left over
tofu and veg tables, rice and black bean tacos
snack~ a few tortillas chips, three cookies, dinner mints

I went to H&R block to have my taxes refund is the same amount as the preparation 100 something dollars. So i was not happy about that.

i lost my pay check, but i have back up money to pay the rent.

I also found out the reason Toby doesn't want me to cut my hair. He didn't think it was girly enough the first time.
knitting: I'm all most done with the skirt. oh it is way to short to wear out of the house. but it will make a nice little dress up item.

I moved my random youtube music videos to the bottom of the page and removed the music player. off the the side is the lyrics to love heals my favorite song from Rent the movie. I really want to see the play, too

Yea I have to write up a statement that i didnt spend the check and they will send me one in about a week.

1 comment:

Reflection said...

cyber hug. Hope you find your check soon. If not can't the company put a stop loss on it and re issue?

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