Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the stat are in

my stats are
30.5 waist
36 hips

I'm the same.

I just got back from working out.

I did rowing for 5 minutes
biking for 5
and elliptical for 10

And i got Toby to work out to :D even if he didnt want to at first


sweetnes said...

Hooray for workouts! You aren't the only one fighting those cookie cravings, so don't feel alone :)

Marc and Tanya said...

Can I give you a cardio recommendation. Instead of moving from cardio equipment 5 and 10 mins at a time. It may seem boring; but stick with one during your workout for no less than 30 mins. The body does not begin using fat as an energy source until atleast 20 mins of continous cardio. If you haven't established your training heart rate do so and try to stay in the 70% range for the 30 mins :) Stay tough and you will reach your fitness goals. Vegan is the way to LIVE!

Reflection said...

Hooray for getting Toby to go workout with you. The hardest part is getting started.

that1girl said...

Thank you .
I may have to try staying at one station next time.
I dont even know how to do my heart rate, good thing the tredmill tells me. but if im not using it i dont know. I guess i would just buy one .

Yea it was hard, and as soon as someone else walked into the fitness room he wanted to leave.But yet he doesnt want to do anyting at home. So I have to keep pushing him.

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