Wednesday, January 23, 2008

left right

I worked out yesterday. I did cardio striptease (i like sexy work outs) and standing abs.

I love off the floor ab work outs. my neck hurts when i do crunches so i just stopped doing it.So i need to find more workouts like this.

I need to work on my diet. i'm really getting off track.

yesterday Toby and I made ice cream and cookies.

I called office max today and talked to Alvin I have to call back friday to set up an interview.

I cant wait until i can go food shopping. theres not much here that i want to eat.

I wish i could get Toby to work or diet with me, I need a buddy :(

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Reflection said...

I also hate doing cruches too. But, I have found other abs work that won't strain your neck and they are.. the stability ball ab pike, burpee, bicycles, reverse crunches and leg raise with dumbbell. Try doing these and see how you like them.

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