Monday, January 21, 2008

bad girls club

I've been a bad bad girl. I've been lazy and eating cookies.

I have to wait a little while to take pictures. I hope i feel up to doing some form of exercise tomorrow.

yesterday I did finger coils in my hair and it didnt turn out to well even for 5-6 hours of work. I must not have done it tight .

I need to find some where to print my resume, so that i can apply for the job at office max and get turned down. just so i dont have to work one more job. because goodness knows i dont want to but need to .

I'm going to finally ship out the scrapbook i made for my aunt. and maybe include a letter or two. the last time i called over to my aunt/grandmas house no one answered. but i got a call back saying that my grandma was in the hospital, but shes fine now.

the hat the never was. you can check it out in my raverly ~that1girl~


Reflection said...

I love the way your hair looks!

that1girl said...

thank you

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