Thursday, December 6, 2012


its been almost a month and i have lots of things done


                                                      Veylaby Ysolda Teague
                                                Knit Picks Chroma Fingering
                                                              needle size 3
                                               i sold them at a craft fair last month

hat with cables from my stitch book
knit pick comfy

Alleghenyby Thea Colman
size 8 needle

so portlandia had this coffee cozy project. they said they would pay up to ten dollar each for 20 cozies. so i tried to make mines as cool as i could.
most of the patterns i made up.
Coffee Cup Cozyby Lynn Szwalkiewicz
Travel Cup Sleeveby Lauren Frank
Owl Coffee Cup Cozieby Sabrina Thompson (knitphomaniac)
most of it i just used my stitch books
i just used a lot of random yarns
just seed stitch
i just used the left overs from my gloves

 dress made from knit fabric. the cowl can make it look like a turtleneck.

GAP-tastic Cowlby Jen Geigley
wow ten hours for one glove. i think I'm just going to go for the worsted weight version next time
Podster Glovesby Glenna C.


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