Tuesday, December 18, 2012



Podster Glovesby Glenna C.
size 1 needles
these gloves took a very long time. i like how the color pattern turned out. this is my crock pot dyed yarn.some people say it reminds them of peppermints.
no pattern, its just half double crochet only knit into the back loops.
                                                                     Rowan Lima
                                                                      size G hook
its a super soft and warm scarf . its also light weight . 54 inches by 4 inches
Zombie Killer Slouchby Luciana Young
I got the the yarn for free i had to buy five dollars worth of stuff and shipping. I tried to block the hat and i guess it stretched out way to much. because it very loose. its great for holding all my hair.
Boy Beanieby Laura Killoran
upcyled yarn
size I hook
added about an inch and half of hdc, and did an extra inc round
made it a little longer to cover ears better

no pattern
upcycled yarn
size I hook
worked length wise cast on 150. and just worked hdc

bunch of different patterns
size 10 crochet thread
on size 7 hook
Snapdragon flip-topsby Ysolda Teague

Owlie Socksby Julie Elswick Suchomel

upcycled sweater acrylic, wool blend about 400 yards i think its worsted weight
i got invited to sell items at a little shop called uniquely yours
I'm shipping out half the stuff i got, the best of my items.


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