Friday, November 9, 2012


forgot to post for a while there. i think it was because i was making items for a swap will post those after i ship off. here's some other random crafts


pattern- none
yarn- i don't know its a worsted weight acrylic


pattern- Don't Blink!by Shawna Borst
hooks- 1.5 mm
the hardest part of this was the hair and making the face. the pattern says to stiffen the wings and add wire to the wings i didn't

pattern- none
yarn- i don't know, found it in a box
I didn't bring enough yarn to work on my sweater at knitting group i made a hat during the two hours.
ch 15, work in the back loops, work until its as big as your head. then work around the edge of the strip. i worked until i ran out of yarn which wasn't long, then did four rounds of sc2tog.
pattern- Pretty Pineapples: Aqua Doilyby Judy Teague Treece
hook- 1.65 mm
yarn- size 10 or 20 thread
pattern- February's Valentineby Denise (Augostine) Owens
hook- 7
yarn - same
pattern- Basic Baby Hatby Heather Tucker
needles- size 6
yarn- knitpicks cotlin
pattern- Rib-A-Roni by Jane Tanner
needles - 7
yarn- simply soft, supper saver
my little sister is with child, doesn't know the gender yet. giving her baby hats for her birthday.
left over fingering scarf

sweater dress for mom

32 so far ran out of yarn

got to pick a button and sew up
Thinking about it
i don't drive and my love no longer work with me so sometimes i need a ride from other. I'm thinking of crafting items for the people who help me out. i was thinking quilts but that seems kind big. I don't know what to make .

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