Friday, October 5, 2012



no pattern free styling
hook G
yarn- upcycled blanket and clearance yarn
pattern- Mother's Day Cardby Susan Lowman
hook- 1.65mm
yarn embroidery floss
bobby pins and E600
pattern - Thread Crochet Flower Hair Clipsby Connie Lee
hook 1.65
yarn embroidery floss

pattern- off the cuff
fabric- thifted, and stash
hot glue
took at least four or five hours. I copied the letters off the computer. cut them out to this dark blue fabric. cut 7x7 triangles.
hot glued the letters to the main fabric.I really could have zigzag stitched them but i didn't want to spend the time doing that. sewed fronts to backs flipped them right side out and it was to puffy, so i ironed them flat. I used some bias tape that i had left over from other projects and things. i did a little decorative stitch on my banner. i got to the third letter and it was going to slow i just switched over to straight stitch. but it would look odd to have it just on one end so i had to do the decorative stitch at the other end.
I also did one for Jessica i learned my lesson and just did straight stitch on the whole thing. theres not much ribbon on the ends to tie then to anything so I have to use safety pins

pattern- Summer Cotton Crocheted Braceletby Jennifer Pedersen-Giles
hook D
yarn- crochet thread size 3, 10
beads, clasp, jump rings
this project helped get my bead stash down. they took about a half and hour each. the necklace tangles so much.
pattern- Turn A Squareby Jared Flood
needles -5,7
 this hat turned out kinda big
pattern - diy
needles 5, 10
yarn- kool-aid dyed yarn
this one i didn't have much yarn and this turned out small

pattern- none
fabric- i think i got this at walmart
I made these to hold some of my money at the craft show. I also tried more stitches. I don't like the satin stitches they just use lots of thread. the hooks are really hard to get in just the right positions so they lay flat

pattern- made it up
hook G
yarn- thrift blanket
I wanted to colors to look better when they changed to the next so i did double crochet front post back post on the color change round.
info same as above
next to pick up my fusion squares
started Trillianby Martina Behm i only have a 200 yard ball , so its going to be on the smaller side
 going to start Allegheny by Thea Colman later on
I have a craft show this week end wish me luck


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