Thursday, September 27, 2012



pattern- Lacy Fingerless Glovesby Rosemary Falk
yarn Knit Picks Palette - dyed by me
needle size 2
yarn dyed in the crock pot with food coloring

i made up the pattern
i made a band of 12 stitches going into the back loop until it was the size of my head.
crocheted along the side joining in the round then just half doubled , changing colors, until i was close to running out of yarn. dec, hdc 10. dec, hdc 9. dec, hdc8, dec in all stitched two rounds, then just sinched up the top. easy freeze
yarn- Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in hawl and celestial
hook size G
i like this hat because it fits my hair and still stays on. not many hats are made for girls with thick kinky hair

hair things made from these patterns
Pumpkin Appliqueby Katie Christy
Candy Cornby Anna Hrachovec
Mother's Day Cardby Susan Lowman
yarn- cotton floss
size 7 hook
crocheting hats in team colors. i found a blanket for like 4$ at the PTO with really soft yarn. it just had some week spots. but i got like six different colors like 250 yards each.
i got in my package of yarn to make a sweater for me and my mom.
trying to save money so i wont be buying anymore craft items for a little while. i do have a lot of stuff.

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