Monday, September 17, 2012



pattern- Zombie Killer Slouchby Luciana Young
needles- 10, 10 1/2
I didn't have as much yarn as the pattern callers for so mines is just a tam. the pattern was super quick and easy.

made at the yarn dying party this was the yarn that the library brought. sadly instead of 20 people signing up only five did . so i felt kinda bad so i paid twice and used some of this yarn. plus i wanted to keep the dying fun going.
this is made with ice berry blue and grape(i think)
mixed a little grape added the yarn, added water, then the other half was all berry

I dyed these with kool-aid. peach mango and lemonade. made at the yarn dying party at the library
1 we used glass jars in the microwave so i dipped one half in yellow, the other in orange. and just drained the orange and plopped it into the lemon water for cooking. which made the orange lighter and gave the lemonade a little more color.

also dyed at the yarn dying party. for this one i used grape and tropical punch.
I mixed up the grape/water 1/4 placed my yarn in the jar. added 1/4 plain water. mixed up some punch 1/4cup then poured that on top. 1/4 cup of plain water. the red took over the jar
I'm working on going though all the stitches of my sewing machine. it has 100 but i don't think button hole will make a great edging. wait maybe i can use it for a different kinda drawstring bag. I'm up to 14 bags. I'm using the curtain fabric that i got from work.
Amigurumi Applesby June Gilbank
random acrylic yarns from the library
hook size- d,e,f

OK so i cant follow a simple pattern. once it came to making the sleeves i sewed and ribbed four time and then just gave up. but the top is still use able and cute. real pattern B
Scroll Lace Scarfby Ysolda Teague
i found this cool dress and sweater at the thrift shop

i also got my hair blown out and pressed for Toby and i's anniversary. i went to fantastic Sam's, and thankfully i got the stylist who went to beauty school for ethnic hair. and a few of her friends who jumped in when they weren't busy took about three hours and cost 55$ . the cost on the wall was 35$ but i guess my hair took longer then other curly hair they do.
now I'm just going to see how long it takes before my hair looks crazy.I'm doing a top bun at night so it will stay slightly curled.



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