Saturday, September 8, 2012



Veylaby Ysolda Teague
needles size 3 ans 4
I sold these gloves to a friend :D

Simple Fingerless Mittsby Jessica Powers
Knit Picks Palette in pool and blue berry
needle size 2

CloudBurst Shawlby Tuesday Fortnite
hook size K
this shawlette is pretty small i ran out of yarn to soon had to skip the last repeat rows and i could only do one row of the boarder. used a different yarn for the fringed
22 down used up on ball of yarn so far. I've only been working on this on work breaks.
haven't started yet Scroll Lace Scarfby Ysolda Teague , with Knit Picks Comfy Sport in planetarium
cutting out pieces to a shirt pattern.
And Sew on
so there was this big labor day sale at Jo-Ann's I want to get my sewing skills up little by little. So i brought a pattern that was on sale for 10$ that was on sale for 2$ the next day i went but i lost the receipt, urg.
I got two different knit fabrics and other items to make a sweater dress.
I'm sure if you've read a few of my blog post you know that i have not sewn many garments . so this is going to be kinda hard for me. the first time sewing knit fabric.
Toby told me i should hold off on sewing these. i wasn't sure why but i waited  and
two days later this came in the mail
and he got me a 50$ Jo-Ann's gift card and i hop which is right next to  each other. for buying all the fabric a couple days before i got a 30% off total card that could only be used the 4-8th so I had Toby take me to the store. and patterns were 1.99 and 2.49 what what so i had to spend time looking in those books to find the patterns i wanted. I picked out a bunch but only took home three. one for pj's, a skirt, and a top.
the fabric for the skirt and top were on sale so i picked up that and a few extras. sewing cost so much money if you want the good stuff. so with my savings card it brought it down to 52$ yea. so I'm afraid to mess this up.
but sewing book are so boring i tried to read it and, it made my brain bleed. I also never really read knitting books and i learned how to work it over time. so maybe i can do the same with sewing learn by doing and such

Toby also got me a keurig its some of the best coffee ever !!
OK it think I've wrote way to much for the day

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