Saturday, June 9, 2012


hi there
this is what I've made and done this week

yarn that i dyed
size 9 needles

it came out looking very Tye-dye. i wasn't sure if i liked it after it was washed and blocked. then i put it on , and loved it. once again this is something that i have to wear with a simple outfit.

yarn that i dyed
size 8 needles
I should call this rainbow dash 

I don't really wear scarfs,but maybe I'll wear this one this winter. along with the rainbow hat i got in the hat swap

more pictures over on craftster i have a bunch of pictures of all the yarn bombing that i did.
Toby helped me out a lot by taking the pictures. he is really good at it. so today jun 9th is international yarn bombing day. look around your town for crocheted or knitted items hanging up.

we also went to the farmers market for the first time today. but i guess fruit isn't ready yet, just lots of greens. and i got some coffee but it turns out that it was just beans,so i have to grind them myself. is grinding daily fresher or taste better I'm not sure.

there is a budget cut at my job still so i can't go off spending money like i love. but i have lots of stuff to work with at home. as I'm typing i have a bunch of cut pieces to a quilt that i should be working on. why is it that i can hand sew something faster. then with a machine, i just don't feel the joy of it so I've only sewn a few squares.

WIP's and coming up

Trillianby Martina Behm
I'm using the left overs from the Tye-dye age of brass and steam

Basic Ribbed Socksby Kate Atherley
using the left overs from the other age of brass and steam. i don't love socks on size 1 needles. they take so long. maybe its because its a simple pattern but i don't think so.

Stacy Pulloverby Terri Shea
I'm planning on making this for my mom. and maybe one for myself after that. this is from the book big girls knits. but i really like alot of the patterns in that book for me. and it has stuff for large bottom ladies like me. i would like to make a skirt that looks good and isn't higher in the back.

i need to make two hats for the month. i really should get these out to the hospital next time we go to the farmers market out in Ann arbor.


think that's all i got, so bye

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