Friday, June 29, 2012


not much to update

i saw this crazy awesome dress made from doily

here are the doilies i've made since june 17th
petite pineappele doily
petite pineappele doily 2
Spider Web Doily #LC1606
Autumn Reflections Doily
water lily vest
Your Neighbor Lady’s Doilies
heart doily
hello doily scarf

toby helped me make a duct tape dress form. it took about two 15yd of tape i really should have got three

also i was feeling depressed for a little while and toby my loving boyfriend ordered me gifts. and it came on the day the i needed it most.

Photo: Look at what my love got me to cheer me up

he knows that i love kool-aid dying and the book was on my wish list

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