Saturday, April 28, 2012


I finished the quilt. and boy is it wonky its 41x56x46x56. i measured it like six time and got different numbers every time before i gave into the fact that this was not going to be perfect

im really not even sure how i got to 46 inches if everything was cut the same size my sewing could not be that off. but i just cut an even line and called it a day.

sewed on the border, the quilted it all together. i used the backing fabric as my binding or whatever its called.  I did a running stitch every two rows.and tried to keep it as close to the seams as i could.
I used up all of the batting that i had in my stash. i guess i brought a queen sized at one point so i had enough to make it and i also used some random pieces to make it fluffier.

im not sure who im going to give this to, they have to be ok with imperfection if they get anything from me .

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