Thursday, March 29, 2012


"march comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb"

pattern-Field the Lambby Andee Graves
yarn- Caron simply soft, and Caron sport
hook size-d,g

pattern- The Runaway Menagerie: Lionby Ana Paula Rimoli
yarn- knit picks cotlin
hook size - D

pattern-My Striped & Slouchy Hatby Christi Wasson
yarn- a frogged blanket, I'm going to say Caron wintuk, and other random acrylic yarns
needle size- 5 and 7

one of my hats for knit Michigan, they cant all want beanies right.

Hitchhikerby Martina Behm
size 4

i had been hearing so much about how great the hitchhiker pattern was. i just found it to be as boring as any other scarf. It makes a good take along pattern. i personal like the other scarfs in the e-book that it came in.
given as a gift to maria for a very late birthday was cold around her birthday.

interchangeable needle case.
i used this as a guide . made the needle pocket smaller and added an extra row for more cables.
i found the fabric at hobby lobby. I used yellow because I'm doing a craft along with knit me happy to raise awareness for endometriosis the ribbon color is yellow so you can make anything yellow  for the CAL

an when we went to visit maria. she told me about all the jewelry making stuff she got in Mexico for 15$ . then she asked me if i could make items for her with the stuff she brought. heck she even brought a kit with the pillars and findings. So i said OK, I'm always up for a different craft.little did i know how much i could make with all this stuff. I've been working on nothing but jewelry for the past couple of day here is what I've made. i also used some of the beads and things i had at home

and i still have three untouched chains and lots of beads left. i see her again on the 8th so i want to have them all done by then.

let see I'm still working on my sweater I'm on the second sleeve. i only got 2 out of the four pillows made for my fake swap. I only made one of my two hats for the month.I'm not sure if i should count each piece of jewelry as a project if not i have 38 projects for the year so far.

k im going to take a nap

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I craft, I like making non useful items. And can't work on big projects without making ten items in between