Wednesday, February 1, 2012



detangled on dry hair

here are some hair pictures. i wasn't able to wear a hat for a few days i had my hair out and about. i was half tempted to make a ear band with a button . because even normal headband type ones don't fit over my hair with ease.
its not good for my hair to be out to long. so i re braided it and trimmed about two inches off each braid. i think i need to trim a little more. i only do it twice a year.

some random drawings. I lost my drawing pad so its on graph paper

front.  "love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind"

back. "I am my beloved, and my beloved is mine"

Flat love card. I liked making my hair on this the most. the card is a little wavy.

                                                      Hap Blanket by Ysolda Teague
                                                           needle size 11
i made this blanket with 84 stitches to start with. did 10 rows of white, then 4 of the black/gray. just keep on with that for 104 rows. then i started the edging and that was more boring then the garter stitch section so i only did half. the blanket came out 36x 32.
I'm going to try to make at least two hats a month for knit Michigan . i still ha vent heard back from the friends of the library about selling items at the book sale. so i think that i might have to set up my own thing. which I've never done before. because I'm not a leader, so I'm going to try to get some help from a few people at the group.
plan on joining a knit along for people learning two at a time socks.
just joining a make me a hat swap you can sign up until the 11th.
i want to make another dress
work on the quilts that i have abandoned
my boyfriend i trying to quit smoking so i will have alot of alone time. so not to be caught in the anger storm
oh and i have completed 17 projects so far this year. I finished one on the books on my cover to cover quest whimsical little knits 1
k bye

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