Tuesday, January 24, 2012


pattern Scroll Lace Scarf by Ysolda Teague
yarn Knit Picks Telemark in  aubergine

so i worked the lace while on breaks and lunches at work. and i worked on the body at home. it took about two weeks doing it that way. so i would say that you can finish this in three days . I'm not really sure what i did but i made this uneven.  I did mess up on the lace bit a lot forgot to do yarn overs and k2togs here and there. and oh how i hate picking up stitches.

Oh did that yarn bleed. i washed a item for the first time and I'm glad i did. or all my clothes would be discolored. and i read that some on washed it with out it getting felted which means i can toss it in the wash, yay.  and i blocked it out, I'm trying to block out my lacy stuff. i used dress makers pins and the floor. and poor love stepped on a pin. which means that he was walking on my scarf, but i felt bad for him first.

pattern Headband with Flower by creativeyarn
yarn- random color and sizes
hook F

I love a good flower hair thing. and the fact that these tie means that they will fit even the most fluffy hair. I made all the flowers first so the headbands i tried to match up as much as best i could.
the flowers can be moved up and down the strands of the headband. each took about a half and hour or so

(true colors)

pattern Hearts by Anna Hrachovec
yarn - random colors and thin sizes
needles- size 2

each heart took about a half an hour. i was planning on making more but i got bored with them and only made a handful. there cute and all but there is a faster way to make them and i will find it later.

18 ct fabric and black thread. i need to buy a picture frame

I tried to sew the backing to one of these and it looked so bad. i just used some tacky glue (not sure that's the name of it) and black fabric. trimmed it up and there good to go

starting the Hap blanket. using lion brand pound of love doubled and Loops & Threads Charisma  that i got in a swap. keeping track of rows in garter stitch is pretty hard and cats love to steal row counters. also that's my new foxy shazam CD just came in the mail yesterday.

i got patches to help the knitting group from waggonswest. thank you so much for them

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