Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm working on far to many things at once. I'm going back into that bad habit. OK I'm going to try to get back into finishing something before i start a new thing. but there are so many fun things to make and do i just don't stay in track.

OK here what I'm going on right now.

mini books i used this tutorial . i used a holiday gift box one side made all these books. I used different types of paper: constitution, card stock, printer. for the covers i used a few magazine and scrap booking paper. I decided not to use ribbon because i only have purple for some reason. so you can see the stitching on the sides of the books. i don't think it looks all that bad. I think it took me like six hours to make all of these. I broke one needle trying to go through a book with to much card stock. over all i would say that it was a fun project.

it take about a half and hour to make each heart. so i would not recommend these for fundraising or craft fairs. I'm sure that it would go a little faster if it was crocheted and you could just have flat hearts . the knitting ones curl if you don't sew them.

I'm using different kinds of yarn left over sock yarn, crochet thread size 3, and what ever thin yarn i can find. i ran out of fiber fill so I'm using left over batting, which is the same to me, just a little stiffer .
pattern Hearts by Anna Hrachovec, size 2 needles

I'm also crocheting headbands i forgot to take a picture. Headband with Flower by creativeyarn
I'm using up some of the random worsted weight yarn . i have a ton of flowers now i just have to make the headbands and sew together.

I'm cross-stitching and embroidering bookmarks. not really sure how I'm going to do the backing. i could use spray glue and fabric, sew and turn to give it a really nice finish, or just sew a patch of the cross-stitch fabric to just the part with color.

and i just started on Toby's valentines crafting. he chose a foxy shazam theme. so I'm going to make a picture with has favorite lyrics. "life is a bitch but she's totally doable"

threes a little story, you can skip it . the song is great.

I'm also going to try to make something with Eric's facial hair, or him doing this cupid move
OK I should get to work

ps. check out foxy shazam, if you have time


waggonswest said...

Love the books. Curious about what you are going to do with facial hair.

that1girl said...

thank you . i still haven't figured it out. and sorry i dont check my mail often i got found your package yesterday

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