Sunday, January 15, 2012


howdy hi

I don't know how far long ago it was but i would say when i first wanted to make clothes, maybe two years ago. I started a dress. me and the machine were not friends at all. it took me a month to put together a dress then when it was time to put the zipper in i realized i made it to small. I placed the whole thing into a bag at the bottom of my fabric box.

I took it all out a day or so ago. i was going to add an extra panel. but i was out of the extra fabric. i had been using it for other project over the year. and the fabric that had the colors of the dress had to bold of a pattern. so that idea was out. I tosses the bodice back into the box and just finished the skirt. I sewed up the sides and added an elastic waist and called it a day. since this skirt was made to be worn high on the waist if i wear it at my hips it tooks crazy long here are some pictures

 high waist


that tee and skirt combo was a no go. but it looks good with the sweater. and if it looks uneven in the pictures that because it is. i was just learning how to sew. so most of the seams go from 1/4in - 1in and i don't want to change it.

I'm working on making things for the library to raise money for the crafting group. I don't think the library should have to take money away from other programs. so I'm trying to make as many little things that i can sale at a book sale.

fabric bookmarks
you glue fabric to card stock then cut it how you want it

I'm also working on cross-stitch/embroidered bookmark so far its just old school video games. I guess i could make flowers. paisley print, zombies, bears, food, candy, craft items.

I'm working on making tiny knit hearts to they take about a half and hour each

and I'm still working on the scarf at work and knitting group


waggonswest said...

What a great project to raise funds for the Library. I could send you a couple patches to sell if you'd like.

that1girl said...

that would be great!

waggonswest said...

send me a pm over on Craftster or an email with your address and i will get them in the mail.

that1girl said...

may i have your email address

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