Monday, December 5, 2011


ok so a guy from work asked me to make him a hat . i said 10$ please. i was not given the 10$ but still made the hat. when i gave it to him , he didnt like it. he said that he wanted camo print. well i thought that the hat looked plenty camo. i guess not. and i didnt get my money. and he wants me to make another hat so if i do choose to make this hat i have to go out and buy the multi colored yarn to get this effect. and i will have to wait until i get paid on the 10th. then i would only be making 5$ off the sale.

pattern: be easy
yarn: caron simply soft
hook: I

I made the top two with cardstock paper and the bottom with some kinda posterboard.
Ok so this is how its made
I got my crayons for two dollars in a jumbo sized ziploc and the board for .10 cents pretty cheap right

i plan on making more of these with posterboard or stronger.
some of the crayons slipped out of the paper. and i also made some with out papter at all. and they came off before melting the yellow picture you can see it.
now how would one display this art. I dont have the money to buy frames. so i will just give them to people and say figure it out.


yarn: caron wintuk
hook: G

yarn: caron simply soft, caron wintuk
hook: G

crochet doily mirror
dollar store mirror, fabric paint

gift tags

I should be getting my package of yarn so that i can make the dolls.

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