Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11- 15

so my boyfriend was supposed to be making my computer faster. he brought all these parts and messed around in there for like a couple of weeks. then he broke something in there that couldn't be fixed. so my last post was the day before he broke it. got a new laptop yesterday.

I got it from wal-mart pluged it in nothing popped up , so i let it charge, still nothing. took it back to the walmart they didnt have another one at the time. went to target they had nothing. went to staples the one that i just got at walmart was 100.00$ more for no reason. so we went to the next walmart they didnt even sell it. so i got my money back. went to the next walmart the next town over. and they had it yea. i got the replacement plan because if it doesnt work right from the store it might just break with in a month. got home and it worked perfect.

 I still think that i like a good desktop better. but i can take this from room to room all two rooms in my apartment.

im planning on going to visit my mom for her birthday 21st. then i go on to 10pm-6am shift for a month . I've always wanted to go to black friday sales but i have to work every year. i mean i dont have anyone to really buy for. im working on a holiday swap, and a few items for my family. i got a few plastic ornaments i want to make lace coverings.

here are a somethings i've finished

this is for my little sister it didnt look as skanky in the pattern picture. i really dont know why mines looks so short.

flower headband

cabled earwarmer

sweater for my mom

im to lasy to add patterns and yarn if you want to know check my ravelry page anyone see it.
i'll post items from the swap later

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waggonswest said...

So glad you got your computer problem taken care of. That can be terribly annoying. But it didn't seem to affect your crafting output unless to increase it. I still can't believe how many difficult things you manage to make.

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