Monday, October 24, 2011


OK this is going to be a big post since i guess i forgot to post here for two months.

I made Toby Rainbow cupcakes for his birthday. Making these is really messy and there is alot of stirring to get the color right. but they turn out great. i added about 6-8 drops of color to each of the six bowls. just so you know gummy bears do not like frosting they all slid off .

we also got new piercings for his birthday, after this picture was taken

these were made for a local attraction swap. Michigan doll jacket, apple blossom hair clip and a toy robin

thees pillow cases were a gift to Toby for our anniversary 9-11-04. he saw them online and no one was paying 35$ for pillowcases

the sweater turned out majorly big. but it might fit my mom so its not a lost cause. i made sleeve and they were like past my fingertips so i just went with short sleeves instead

ok this blanket is made up of tons of those granny's daughter squares and then crocheted into a nine block square and that's crocheted into bigger block. i gave this to a old R.A.Y friend for he baby. its machine wash and dry so its easy care

this hat was made for a friend for he birthday. i kinda ran out of yarn near the end but the other yarn was kinda close in size and color

hat made as a going away gift for my brother. he is going into training for the navy.

i wanted to try out a new crochet stitch its called brick stitch

I'm starting to make more items to sell. Once we work out the details I'm going to try to sale my items in a friends resale shop. since i sale my items at retail prices anyways. I mean  people have told me that i don't sell anything because people think that a cheap price means a cheap product. well all i know is i wouldn't pay 30$ for one darn hat or 20$ for a pair of crocheted earrings. i make things for real people.

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