Thursday, July 7, 2011


the color in this picture is all wrong
here's a picture of it before i frogged

table cloth I'm on row 55. planning on working on it all day tomorrow

items that went to the library summer reading program raffle baskets

pattern- Fat Bottom Bag by Julie Armstrong Holetz
yarn- unknown, its a sports weight
hook- unknown, I'm going to say G
Ok so i guess i started this project in September of last year. made it lined it and brought handles but never attached them until a few days ago. crazy right that i found and finished if it wasn't sewn I'm sure that i would have frogged it.

pattern-  Ice Cream Sandwich by Rose Langlitz
Yarn- Caron simply soft chocolate and Caron wintuk white
brown and white thread, a 7in zipper
hook size G
It just seemed prefect to be a little make-up bag if you have the cupcake purse

pattern - Toaster Pastry by Rose Langlitz
yarn- unknown same as the FBB
hook size F
I was going to make a full size pop tart but i ran out of yarn. it still make a cute little wallet for you store reward cards or something right.

Pattern -Donut Pincushion by Nevadamama
Yarn- Caron simply soft chocolate and bone, wintuk white , and some pink
blue white and red beads, white thread, and fiberfill
Hook size G
Ok there's no point to these just cute for being cute. they are not good pincushions for long pin you will get stabbed, you have been warned.

Granny's daughters just the first round of a granny square odd huh. but you can make more quilt like afghans with them i think i don't really know. i made 80 for a swap and made some for me with what ever scraps where still left over

i have more but there for a swap so i cant post until i mail and get it to my partner
hmm none of these patterns where a part of my book thang

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