Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6-29, WIP's wednsday

Look at me i remembered to post on the Wednesday.
so lets get this ball a rollin
I had to frog the cria i was working on it was looking to big on me I'm hoping going from 38 to 36 will make it a little better.

The tablecloth i haven't worked on it .

I'm working on items for gift baskets for the summer reading program themes Food, Music, Movies, and travel. I was making popcorn for the movie basket but they don't look that great so i will have to think of something else. Hilliary wanted slippers for the travel on so they are done. I picked up a book from the library. Tasty crochet i need to just go a head and buy this book i keep renting it for libraries. Now i just need to think of something for music and movies. ideas ?

I'm working on items for the hair accessories swap. My partner is TrickyMcVomit. These are some of the items I'm going to try to make things out of
I made one headband but ended up hating it. I don't even know what to do with it. But the was a part of the headband that i liked so I'm going to keep those elements. Now I'm working on a few items based on her wists.

yarn- Caron Wintuk 4 yarn held double
needles size 10
yea these didn't turn out to cute and i didn't even realise that i put the button on the wrong side of one until i took this picture. they are for a prize basket for the adult summer reading program .

Toby and I are planning on going to a panic at the disco concert in new york Sept 1. We just need to save up major money for the trip
300-400 train, 50-100$ a night hotel, 10-50$ food, 50-100$ shopping / going to see other shows
tickets are paid for 80$ I guess Toby wanted to pay for them now so that they wouldn't sell out and he would have more motivation.

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