Friday, June 3, 2011


50. Baby jacket
ok I'm not good at picking up stitches in knitting or crochet so this is what it looked like at first. i just couldn't let it leave my house looking all messy like that. so I re did the edging. i counted 40 stitches up both sides. i wish the pattern would have given me a number. goodness.

A little better i still don't like the sleeves much they look like bell bottoms. but that the best that i could do with them.

yarn- sugar and cream or peaches and cream, white, ocean, and robins egg blue
hook - g, and f
 pattern- Springy Jacket by Kj Hay from crochet today

51. bad weather mobile

Yarn- Caron simply soft, Caron wintuk, some random yarn
hook size h
pattern- Happy Day Mobile by Amy Gaines from crochet today

so i guess you know they killed the mobile. ripped all the rain drops off. one ended up in the littler box, i don't know why they love putting things in there. other two hiding around the  house. so i gave the sun to Toby to put in his car, the raindrop roll around to much to stay in there. and the crochet stretches to much for this to be a long lasting mobile for a baby i think. or it could just be my skills.

so my books for the cover to cover quest are
Whimsical little knits 1
whimsical little knits 2
crochet today may/June 2010
so head over to ravelry choose a book or 10 to complete

my WIP's

table cloth its coming along. i just have to work a row or more a day on it and it might be finished in a year, lol. but its pretty big and it still has to be blocked later.

and a hat from the quest. i think this hat is going to turn out way small i was supposed to use bulky yarn . but i used two strands of worsted together. so i guess it could just be a baby hat if nothing else.

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