Thursday, June 9, 2011

6-8 Dont Panic! just scream

I was supposed to have written about the concert a lot earlier.

Toby and I went to the Panic! at the Disco concert last Saturday. We left for Detroit around 5:30ish and got there around 6:20. When we got there we had to stand in a line that wrapped around two street its was crazy. An just from looking at the line i can tell you what panic's fan base is Gay guys, emo kids and an boat load of girls.

So anyways we were behind the most annoying teenagers ever. they just talked and talked about nothing. and were playing with a water bottle and kept saying " you dropped you water bottle" and would throw it on the ground. It almost hit Toby. then they started yelling at people walking passed to stop smoking and all that stuff. So Toby started smoking and none of them turned around or said a thing to him. which i found funny do we look like we could kick butt.

Ok we get inside at 6:45. they take my back pack and only took out the pop bottle. they didn't check for weapons only food!? so we got down to the main floor and got ready to stand and fight our way to the front.

I heard Foxy shazam for the first time. they are great. maybe a little to rock n rock for that show

And Fun.  so beautiful. i don't know if people say dreamy any more but yes, Yes mmmm

ok by this point in the show we were six rows from the stage. and people were pushing and pulling and passing out. I don't think I've had that much boob and back sweat on me in my life, gross.

Then Panic! came on and Screaming non-stop. That who everyone came to see. so were got about three rows from the stage. and there was dancing and singing  and fun had by all. they played like magic. there was people crowd surfing the person in front of me got kicked in the face. Toby lost his wallet and someone gave it back (missing 40$). but people stopped pushing and being crazy once panic was playing. I would say that i was there second greatest concert. because nothing can top a fever you can't sweat out tour, there were clowning and dancing on stage then.
A just wish i could put into word better how much fun it was .

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