Monday, May 23, 2011


44. Embroider hankies

46. Socks (the worst pair of socks I’ve ever made. One is way bigger then the other)

pattern- #06 Rapunzel Stockings by Ysolda Teague
needle size- 2
I really had a lot of issues with this pattern. im really not even sure how one sock got so much bigger then the other. but they are still good house socks. maybe i will just knit up another pair of basic socks and send then to my sister so that she has a pair that are made a little better.

47. Flowers

pattern- Croco Flower by Bonita Patterns
48. White cabled hat

pattern-  Gretel by Ysolda Teague
yarn- caron wintuk and lion brand microspun
needles- 3 and 9
this hat was made for Julie a person for kmart who drove me and toby to work for almost two weeks until we got our car fixed

49. Hair wrapping

you know how you make friendship braclet will i just made it around a braid


i'm working on a quilt and table cloth now. and i'm thinking of doing a book or magazine cover to cover. i just have to find a couple good ones

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