Tuesday, June 21, 2011


ok WWKIP day was a bust. No one showed up and when i got to the park and sat down i kept getting chased away by a duck/goose. to matter where i sat that thing would run at me mouth open. So i got out of there as soon as i could.

cria I'm still working on the york

oval roses I'm on row 48 of 220

size 2 needles
caron sport and some other yarn

wire, beads, a rock
really easy to do while watching TV. and would make a great gift if you put it into like sand, and rocks and a vase or whatever


I'm trying to loose weight again I'm up to 155lb I'm 5-1
I really hope it sticks this time. I'm upping my water intake and trying to cut down the amount that i eat while here's a picture. I look really unhappy in them

yesterday i speed walked on the treadmill for about 30mins and tried to do the bike but i was to tired.
today I'm hoping to go 30min at 2.5 and try a little yoga. drink six cups of water and no pop.

i keep trying to get Toby to do it with me he wont even walk to down town with me it not even a two miles away

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