Wednesday, May 4, 2011


looks like i missed a full month. but i basically only worked on a sweater the whole time.

the list of what i've done this year so far
2011 50 projects list

[url=]1-5 [/url]
1. cowl/hat [url=[/url]
2. green beret [url=]Janurary[/url]
3. black slouch hat [url=]Janurary[/url]
4.worm [url=]Janurary[/url]
5. spider [url=]Janurary[/url]
[url=] 6 and 7[/url]
6. blue wave hat [url=]Janurary[/url]
7. black cabled slouch[url=]Janurary[/url]
8.knit cat [url=]February[/url]
9. crochet cat [url=]February[/url]
10. ribbon flowers [url=]February[/url]
11. valentines card [url=]February[/url]
12.embroidered hoop [url=]February[/url]
13. needle books(2) [url=]February[/url]
14. valentines beads [url=]February[/url]
15. jewelry [url=]February[/url]
16. baby booties [url=]February[/url]
17. cupcakes [url=]February[/url]
18. Cat heart [url=]February[/url]
19. First quilt [url=]February[/url]
20. Large bag [url=]February[/url]
21. Baby hat [url=]February[/url]
22. Blanket square [url=]February[/url]
23. Socks [url=]February[/url][url=]24-30[/url]
24. tiny beads[url=]March[/url]
25. yarn vases[url=]March[/url]
26. lace pouch[url=]March[/url]
27. magnet bookmarks(6) [url=]March[/url]
28. 5$ in Paris [url=]March[/url]
29. 5$ in the toy store [url=]March[/url]
30. womb [url=]March[/url]
31. Stitch markers [url=]March[/url]
32. Stitch markers [url=]March[/url]
33. Earrings (2) [url=]March[/url]
34. Gift bag [url=]March[/url]
35. Music box [url=]March[/url]
36. Earrings (3)[url=]March[/url]
37. Hair flower [url=]march[/url]
38. Earrings (6) [url=]march[/url]
39. Quilt [url=]march[/url]
40. Barbie dress [url=]march[/url]
41. Ishbel Beret [url=]march[/url]

42 .corona hoodie

pattern-  Corona by CanarySanctuary
it took a month. its not a hard sweater to do at all. which is how i like it

43 .bear


pattern Anastasia Bear by Noreen Crone-Findlay
yarn just some yarn that was given to me
needle size 4

44. Embroider hankies (I forgot to take pictures before shipping them off)

pattern Basic Ribbed Socks by Kate Atherley
yarn knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Socks 1713 berry
needle size 1

ok im working on a pair of socks for my sister
also knitting a hat

every one should check out the queer etsy shop

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