Friday, March 18, 2011


I'm not good at naming things in my shop so thing are called by there name with a number after them earrings 1.2, lace fingerless gloves 2, and so on. I spent all day yesterday updating my page go look.

but here are some of the things that I've made this week

stitch markers
 i couldn't find any metal rings the size i wanted

stitch markers
i just got these beads i really like them



gift bag

needlepoint music box
i found this kit at the thrift shop for like .80, but the pattern it came with was some kinda flowers,yuck. i found this picture online

now which one of these earrings do you think i should enter for the contest
raindrops and diamonds.

its knit with size 9 needles, loops and thread yarn
my hair needs bigger charms, so I'm sure others do too


I'm working on finishing up a hat right now. then i think i may start on a new sweater. its the little red riding hoodie from stitch n' bitch superstar

I also found a quilt shop in Belleville. its kinda small. but the lady that works there offers sewing lessons for 30$ for 6 hours. and its one on one, i can pick the days. now i just have to think of what kinda quilt i want to make and then buy the fabric.

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