Friday, March 18, 2011


forgot to post about the quilt i finished.
so martina is having a boy. not really sure what to do with the pink one. its not good enough to sell. i'll find some one to give it away to. any ways

the top is hand sewn. and i quilted it all together with the sewing machine. and yes it tried to eat my quilt every 10 miniutes. i was getting feed up with it. but pushed though it. It wasn't all that hard to use the machine once you got past the jams. I think that it looks alot better then the first but i still need to learn more.

I likes to free style it so not every thing was straight . and i had to hand sew some of the edges to keep the batting from coming out.

I used scraps from my other projects and i found the cloud backing at a thrift shop for like 1.50. i'm using the left ove fabric as a table cloth right now. it brakes up all the black in my house.

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