Friday, March 11, 2011


I haven't posted in a while so i guess i just gave up on that craft a day thing half way thought the month but that's OK. I'm not a planner or one who can follow the rules.

oh I'm in another swap this one is swap on a budget 20$ budget to get , yarn, and extras. you also have to add one handmade item. but as i said i can't stick to rules. so i just keep adding things. which is what happens with every swap I'm in. i love making things.

these are somethings I've made since my last post

some small bead
made of polymer clay

yarn vases
i set this up and gave it to the library for the knitting group

magnet bookmarks
there just ribbons, glue and magnet strips

pattern generation purse from
yarn Caron simply soft
needles size 5.
it's lined and has a ribbon drawstring

pattern 5$ in Paris, by knitting up a storm
yarn Caron simply soft and Caron wintuk(some outdated yarn)
needles 8 and 9
made in size medium
the neck was very loose so i added elastic and ribbon later

I'm weaving in the ends to a barbie dress and hat set. finishing up on the quilt i started in the last post. it kinda got put on the back burner because of the sweater. I'm working on an Afghan alone with knitting today magazine. I'm using lion brand amazing. I'm also going to make some items to add to my etsy shop i think. maybe some hats, purses, earrings. I ordered cascade 220 to make a hoodie i hope 6 skeins will be enough i can always buy more later i guess. so that's all I'm working on.

I joined an etsy team. Team Queer Etsy link is over on the side. check out the queer shop and all of the team shops.


barbie dress
based on the sweater i just made
cotton size 10 crochet thread
size 2 needles

pattern womb from
micheles brand yarn
size 7 needle

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