Sunday, August 15, 2010

im a loser

so its been hard as heck trying to get all the information about this craft fair. i can't even get a call or email back from the orginazer. and my friend some how can, and never gets all of the info or just isn't telling me. this whole thing is a little frustating . she told me that i might need a tent in case it rains, so i guess that it's going to be out in a parking lot. let hope it's not bad out that day.  its also the day of toby and I's anniversary so yea.

i've been crafting up a storm for this things look
i made record bowls , picture frame earring holders, and price cards.
the record bowls are made like this .
the picure frame are made with an old lace curtain. its cut to be just a little bigger then the back piece of the frame. then you can glue it on i just shoved the back on and let a little hang over. it's not pro looking put it gets the job done.
the price cards took the longest. its made with consturtion paper, glue decrotive cutters if you got em. the paper is 12*9 so you can get 3*3 squares yay. glue two colors together. add a little edge to the front piece if you like. I got a stamper from vista printing, so i put my That1girl on the back of all the cards. and the price on the front in the area where your  name is. you can sew beads/ buttons to it. if you have post earrings you can just poke them though and put on the backer. or use a hole punch in the corner and string it to things.

i won a few ribbons at the county fair. unsure what to do with them now

these are my fav FO this week

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