Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding CAL

i'm in a wedding CAL over on ravelry

i'm having a really hard time finding cute patterns that i would want to use. most of the patterns are kinda bulky or too old looking. so i've been making copies of dresses i see online . or atleast trying to get close to them

you can see more pictures on ravelry or my craftster photo album. i'm looking for more dresses online. i really want to enter some contest at the Wayn County fair. but i can only enter original designs. so i really have to work for it. and i have to send in the form before june first. and i'm not even sure what all i want to show.

i know that i want to show these two dresses, my yoshi, and maybe a hat and scarf set. in order to win you must have a ton entered.

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