Thursday, May 13, 2010

quest bag love

ok, im on a quest to find a pattern for a crocheted shopping bag. thats easy right. but i want one that doesn't stretch to my knees when its full. and in most of the patterns they try to sell this as a good thing. im not sure why, maybe i'm just odd.

i tried to make up my own pattern but it just looks like a basket, so i stopped. i'm going to frog and try a real pattern.

yesterday i worked with metal. i got a few things worked on. not finished just worked on.

i work on my birthday isn't that just sad. i mean i wasn't going to do anything, but still goodness. so i got a new job. i wanted this job to be right after i got off work at kmart. but that didn't work out. i'm working nights. so im missing all of my craft groups. and toby is already getting tired of driving me around. which i why he should have the second job not me. he is working on getting a better job so that i don't have to work two.

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