Wednesday, September 23, 2009


hi a

So it all started as me just wanting to get some caution tape from someone who seemed nice. then it turned into a blood bath. ok not really. but the first items that i made for her she flat out said that she didn't like them. i was crushed i spent all say making them

she didn't like the fact that i didn't sew them. she found them to be poorly made. i mean i could have put a little more time into it. but i didn't feel as thought what i was getting in return was that expensive so yea. but i got some tips from craftster on how to make them better next time. but they wont be giving to anyone out side of my family.

so i made her a toy that was also on her list

which made toy ask for a yoshi. i still have yet to find a free pattern i found one for 7.00$ maybe if i plan on making a ton of them or giving the pattern to other people.

i'm making gifts for jessica's birthday shes turning 21. i'm giving her my knit mini, because she wears things like that. so im making her matching gloves. she asked for gloves. and toby doesnt want me to work on anything else. but thats not how i work. i don't stay on one project at a time. i made the gift box yesterday

the gift box is made from strips of newspaper. i weave them together and tape the edges all together. i really like the flip top. i hope the box can hold all the stuff. maybe i should tape the whole thing. i don't know it only needs to last one day.

i also finished some crochet food. i started them months ago i had all the piece. sometimes i just don't like to finish thing. i added pins because its a pin cushion. and toby stabbed him self with it, so i took the pins out,i'll find some beads for sprinkles later.

oh yea toby is knitting again last time he only did it for two days. he has been at it for a week. he is making a gift for jessica, he just might finish it

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