Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i don't have to listen to you

so i'm apart of a lot of swaps. on . i'm kinda poor right now so i've been cutting down on them. Im in
swap on a budget i'm not really sure how 20$ is cheap but i like the group so i keep doing it. I would say that my crafting style is not simply or clean. so when they wanted to put together a theme to their swap i knew i was in trouble but i had already signed up.

i put re-use out there as a choice, another good on was from my city/state and then there is color.

i don't even think i have anything all in one color. that seems so boring to me. so limiting, i mean i can try to do it. but it wont be as fun. and before i knew that color had won the vote i got ton of maps and city guides. So i'm still going to use them. and i had all of these cool 3R's ideas. so i'm not going to just not do them. i will just have to try to do it in one color.

i don't have much money. so what i don't have i make up for in crazy handmade items. I really don't know why anyone would want a 20$ ball of yarn of tons of random items. thats not fun right.


oh yea so toby's birthday is coming up so i ask him what kind of cake he wants. and he says he want a donut cake as big as a car donut. well i can't bake that so i ask a lady at work who's second job is baking. 15$ thats a pretty good deal for all the craziness of what he wants.

something like this

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