Monday, July 27, 2009

an eventful day

I got up at 8am, so late for me. and keep trying to wake Toby up so that he could get things done early. so at 9 he woke up. we first went to get our addresses change. i crocheted while waiting for toby. i just droped mine in the box i don't need it anytime soon. then this older woman started talking to me about how crochet is a lost art.

Then it was off to Ann Arbor or A2. We got to the court house. and i got in trouble for having a camara phone and not knowing that i was supposed to leave it out side. Toby picked up his papers paided his 160$. and now he officaly has a court date to change his name on 8/11 a few days before his birthday. i wanted to have a big party for him. but he really doesn't want to. now he has to put an ad in a news paper anoucing his name change . i don't know why, just has to. so we walked to the ann arbor new paper building. only to find out that the paper went under. and the ann arbor observer doesn't do that.

I went and put some money on Toby's rock band pre-order. which made him even happier. i was eyeing that the new mario bro for Wii pre-order.

later in the day we went to this park that was 20,000 achers . we drove around the darn park for atleast an hour before we found the beach. then we sat and read for an hour and a half. we dont know how to swim so we didnt go in the water. i just wanted to go because i haven't been to a beach in 5 years.

then we had some taco bell so good. there was a KFC in there i had some potato wedges. i havent been in a KFC in at least 3 years. i felt kinda bad just eatting their mashed potato, and corn on the cob. because i've been trained by PETA to not even look their way.

Then we went to a trans support group. and i finished off 90% of a purse that i started in the first office.the group was really small and the group leader wasn't there. an thats who toby wanted to talk to the most. so we just left early.

Toby doesn't really know how to get people to start calling him by his new name at work. so he is stresting about that a little but im sure he'll figure it out.

oh yea i was sewing right. and i was taking pins a i go. and i don't know what happened but i stabed my self with the sewing machine needles. blood , pain, hate. i'm just now getting back to it. now that my finger is not hurting.


James Taylor, Jr. said...

Toby will figure out something abt work. All he really has to do is get it changed legally, bring the paperwork in, get it changed in the system, get a new nametag, it will show up on the schedule. If anyone calls him the other name, he could probably semi-ignore it for a while or just sort of nonchalantly say "It's Toby, please. How can I help you?" or whatever you would say casually to a coworker. LoL.

And ow abt your sewing injury. I had a cooking injury. I cut into my thumb. Into. Went through the nail. It's ugly looking and still hurts, but I didn't cut it off. So I'm good. LoL.

that1girl said...

thanks james. yea he is afriad to even say that to his mom and people he knows. so it will be hard for him for a little bit.

man i got off easy with my slicing it sounds like

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