Sunday, June 29, 2008

day 1

So far i've drank 3 servings of lemon aid. I think thats about all i can take right now. if i want more i'll just have to steal the rest of toby's.

I'm supposed to be doing salt water flushes. I say no, no,no to that. I do not need to loose control of my bowels.

Oh my goodness Maria went food shopping. fresh fruit and vegetables, things that i can cook. So many tasty things. i want it soooo bad. Toby is sleeping so hes no help.

I have been going to the restaroom every 30 minutes to a hour. I feel like my dog, i want to wine to everyone.

other then the cravings/hunger its going ok.


I knit a wristband,slept, knit , played the sims, and now im watching tv. I cant go for a walk because i need to be close to a bathroom at all times. I've had no one to talk to . Its been a boring day

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tru2me said...

aww, no more master cleanse? day 1 is hard, I agree. i didn't do the salt water flush. nasty stuff. try smooth moves tea next time.

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