Monday, March 31, 2008

row row row your boat

Im trying to stick to the whole special k diet. its going ok so far. I've gotten over my cold, and im full of energy.

I'm at 127, 30 inches waist,22 inch thighs

I dont know how to measure my arms.

I've been exercising a little here and there.

one day toby and I were in the exercise room. i was doing the rowing thing. and this women came up to me and was like "do you want to know how to do that the right way." So she told me , then showed me and I still wasnt doing it right according to her so she gave up.

I've been taking this pills. Its a once daily lactose pill. It has been helping a lot. i dont have cramps, other really bad symptoms, still a little gas and oily skin. but i can go out to eat again :D

I got this pokemon game and i have been way to into it . it was taken away for the day, and i ended up knitting over half a hat

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Reflection said...

Just keep at it and you will get it right.

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