Sunday, February 10, 2008

paper doll


Knit: I'm working on a bear for toby for Valentines Day. I found the pattern on ravelry, it really easy. once i learned how to work with the double pointed needle.

Food/diet: I brought a book a couple of of days ago vegan with a vengeance. I went food shopping and got 160 worth of food. I tried not to buy many items with cheese or milk ingredients but that’s nearly impossible. I got lots of vegetables, fruit, tofu and other good things. I want to make tons of food. I will share the good recipes.

Life: why didnt anyone tell me how expensive fed ex is. I mailed my mom the purse i made with a gift card and twenty dollars, it cost me 8$ to ship that. and it was only .21 pounds.

panic at the disco, nine in the afternoon

oh I am,but those who dont feel like cooking dont love the food,Im tried to get away from being a junk food vegetarian.
I started last november, with kiddie books, and this website called knitting help they have videos that i rewatched a million times

I just hope i get it done on time.


sweetnes said...

Enjoy all of that yummy food :) When did you first get into knitting. I'm thinking about learning it - I need a new hands-busy hobby.

Reflection said...

I'm sure Toby will enjoy the bear you'll making him. Have fun creating the recipe from your new book.

The Love Collective said...
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I craft, I like making non useful items. And can't work on big projects without making ten items in between