Sunday, February 21, 2016

Its been a while 2/21

So i started selling my hand made items on etsy in 2013. and i started craft-shows in 2014. I'm not a great sells man . I really don't know how to run a business, and i don't think i really want to . I just want to craft what i want and have people to give it to ya know.

So for the past couple of years i have been making between 100-300 items just to sell.and my hands have suffered for it a little .i started getting hand cramps more often then anyone under 30 should. So this year im trying to slow down. im doing more cross-stitch / embroidery , now thats a slow craft. Im thinking of doing more charity knits.

im slowly trying to either sell, or just donate all the stock from my that1girl business. thats not to say i wont make more to sell. but im going to be moving sometime this year, to a smaller place i need to get all my craft supplies and stock to fit in the cubes i have. An my husband is so busy with school/ work that he cant take me to as many shows .

I've meet alot of cool ladies thanks to that1girl online and at shows. I started going to a new knitting group this year also. It meets at a coffee shop/ bar. I now have two groups i can go to every week. my doctor told me that making more friends and leaving the house would help with my SAD. I do get happier around mon and tues.

I have been trying a little harder to stick to a more natural/ healthier diet this time around. Its a light paleo diet where i eat meat, fruit, veggies, and nuts. and a very small amount of dairy, premade/ packaged food, and sugar. and almost never grains, coffee, chocolate . i love all of these things but they do give me upset stomach . So i just try to not eat it , but mac and cheese singing to me, pizza seduces me, and baked goods call to me everyday.

I think thats all i have for today. here are some pictures also add me to instagram that1girl734 to see pics on a weekly base.

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Rowena said...

Thanks for sharing. Hope the changes help. I need to make changes in my diet but just can't seem to get motivated. Maybe one of these days! I love to crochet (and knit sometimes). Current project is a zebra stripe afghan for my grand daughter!

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