Monday, November 28, 2011


ok so i gave in and started making items for the little ones. it also knocks a few items off my cover to cover list .

I got these rolls of tule or mesh at a yard sale/thift shop/ gifted, a while ago . and im trying to stash down as much as i can all the time so that i can get new stuff. so i used it plus some ribbon i've had for a while to to make tutes. i dont know what size children are so i made two with a ribbon waist and one with just elastic waist of 22. will they fit or even be used i dont know .

 to make them i did it all by hand each took about 30 minutes or so.  i did a running stitch then gathered every couple of inches (i dont know if these are real terms) once i got to 20 inches along the sewn edge i started sewing it to the middle of the ribbon. so there is about four inches on both sides for ties. and the elastic one is just a 22 inch waist.
these are for a 6,5, and 1 year old kids. what do you think?

and im working on stuffed animals for the boys. the first one i have is kinda but not really from my  c2c list its an animal by ysolda

cute right and its not taking to long im on the body now after just a day.

 putting this item for me on the back burner. and only working on it durning work breaks. its not to hard for a lace item. or to small thats what i hate about lace to small and hard.

I wish i could think of something to make for toby. but he is not a big fan of crafted items. he is majorly picky. he told me to get him a gift card. im sure i can find something at a store.

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