Thursday, July 21, 2011


ok so I haven't finished anything this week. I don't know why but I'm really into working on blankets this week. here are all of my WIP's. I have alot of acrylic yarn that was given to me when people found out that i started knitting/ crocheting. so i have been using most of it over the years to make blankets. some go to people i know some i just leave outside on picnic tables. I never get around to getting them to people who need them. but my library knitting group is thinking about starting charity projects. and a new member says she has 10 garbage bags full of yarn. she like 60 and says she will never use it all up. so I don't think i will have an issue of finding yarn to finish my millions of WIP's

Pattern- no pattern just granny squares
Yarn- anything i can find
Hook- oh goodness I,J,K maybe H
I have been working on this since last year i keep forgetting what size hook i should be using so all of the square are a little wonky. anyways i really have a thing for making rainbow blankets.

pattern- How-To Afghan by James Arnall-Culliford
needles- size 8
so if you follow along with the knitting today magazine you should have a blanket by fall. I think i have made three squares and have no idea where any of them are right now.

pattern- Dainty Earrings by Linda Permann
Yarn- crochet thread size 10
hook- size 7
I know its hard to see this picture but the yarn is gold with sprinkle gold thread and white with gold thread.
I don't know if i want these to be earrings or decorations

pattern- Baby Shower Blanket by Sara Graham
Yarn- what ever i find thats washable
hook- L
this blanket seems like its going to be really airy. which im not to sure will be a great blaket. but lets just finish this up and see.

pattern- one from a quilting magazine
yarn- lots of scarp yarn
hook- J,K
granny's daughter squares i have about 80 here. im thinking im going to need like 600 to make a queen size quilt like in the magazine. the picture is just a me working it out it looks a little crazy right now.

pattern-  Cria by Ysolda Teague
you know all the info on this. I have really only been working on this at knitting group. or on break. so its slow going.

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